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COVID-19 Update



In the interest of protecting the health of our patients and community, we are primarily conducting appointments via telehealth at this time. Please be aware that not all appointments are appropriate for telehealth. If you would like to see if you may be able to complete your appointment with us online, please contact our office (260-460-3203) during normal business hours. Our video conferencing software is secure and HIPAA compliant.  Please make sure you are in a private location during your online appointment. Please note insurance coverage varies for telehealth services.

Some limited in-office appointments are also available, although we encourage you to complete your visit via telehealth when at all possible. We have implemented increased cleaning procedures and other steps to allow for social distancing during in-office appointments. Due to the nature of testing, all testing appointments are being completed in the office. Please be aware that scheduling and procedural changes have temporarily reduced the number of available appointments.Please note the following in regard to in-office appointments:

*All individuals in the office are required to wear face masks

*Only one individual may accompany you to the office

*The door remains locked and we will call you when it is time for your appointment


Please continue to monitor our website and Facebook page for the latest updates.   If you have a medical emergency, please dial 911. For other medical questions or needs, please contact your family physician. We look forward to resuming our normal services as soon as possible; we appreciate your support and understanding with these challenging times.

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