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Resource and Support Consultation

We are pleased to have Lori Stock, a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), on staff at Fort Wayne Neuropsychology. Lori brings many years of experience working in the field of dementia. She has extensive experience in delivering dementia education and supporting the families of those diagnosed. She previously developed an early stage dementia program for patients and their care partners and has also facilitated many support groups. In addition, she is a trained Advance Care Planning Facilitator.

As another resource for our patients and families who are impacted by dementia, Lori is available for appointments to discuss community resources, financial supports, planning considerations and many other aspects of care. Please talk with your neuropsychologist at an upcoming appointment or call our office to schedule an appointment. We do ask that the patient be present for the first appointment and preferably thereafter. If you feel other arrangements need to be made for future appointments, we ask that you discuss possible options with Lori during or after the first appointment.

As Lori is new to our staff, she is currently limited to select insurance carriers so please verify her ability to accept your insurance. We are actively working to expand her insurance options and private pay arrangements are also available.    

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