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Fort Wayne Neuropsychology is proud to present:

Organizational Skills Training Program




This Organizational Skills Training program is an empirically supported treatment program to help children and adolescents with ADHD develop organizational and executive functioning skills to help them with organizing school materials, keep track of assignments and complete tasks.  Many of these skills are often areas of weakness in individuals with ADHD and cannot be fully addressed with medication alone. 

The Organizational Skills Training program is based on the work of Richard Gallagher, Ph.D., Howard B Abikoff, Ph.D., and Elana G. Spira, Ph.D.  The program is a total of 20 sessions and materials needed to complete the program will be provided.  Although this may sound like a big time commitment, it allows good habits to form with guidance and support.  This program is empirically supported, which means when followed in its true form for the full duration of the program, positive outcomes have resulted in research.   



Any child age 9 to 13 diagnosed with ADHD or Executive Dysfunction who is struggling with developing organizational and study skills. 


When and Where:

Individual Sessions will be available at the Fort Wayne Neuropsychology office on Fridays between 9am and 5pm.  Sessions will last one hour.  The first 45 minutes will be spent with the child and the last 15 minutes will involve the parent(s) and/or guardian. 


Provider of Services:

Cindy Shepherd, M.A., CCC-SLP, CBIS

Cindy Shepherd began her work with individuals with communication disorders in December 1980.  She has provided therapy services in the public schools, a residential facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities, early intervention programs, and an outpatient rehabilitation clinic.   In those settings, Cindy has provided therapy services to the preschool through geriatric populations.  Cindy specializes in therapy for auditory processing disorders, aphasia, traumatic brain injury, cognitive rehabilitation, childhood language disorders, speech apraxia, executive function deficits, and language processing disorders. 

Cindy was awarded her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Speech Language Pathology from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.  Cindy holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Pathology from ASHA. She is also a Certified Brain Injury Specialist with further training in cognitive rehabilitation and concussion management.  Cindy holds both a Profession Health Board License in the practice of Speech Pathology and an Indiana State Teacher’s License.


Cost of Program:           


Our office will attempt to obtain insurance authorization for individual sessions.  If authorization is obtained, we will communicate to you your estimated out of pocket costs related to co-pays, co-insurance, etc. 

If this service is not covered by your insurance provider, we will discuss the self-pay payment options with you

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