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At Fort Wayne Neuropsychology, we want each patient to receive the care they need. In keeping with this goal, we do accept a wide variety of insurances.  As a courtesy to you, when you schedule an appointment with us, our staff will contact your insurance company to check your benefits.  We will determine if a prior authorization from insurance will be needed for any of your visits.  Upon your request, we will be happy to review your benefits with you to help you anticipate what your estimated out of pocket expenses may be.   

If a request to authorize services is denied by your insurance company, it is typically due to a policy exclusion your insurance plan has and/or a determination by the insurance company that the service does not meet their medical necessity criteria.  It is our office’s policy to NOT APPEAL denials because we have found this effort to be largely unsuccessful.  If you have a specific concern about this policy, please feel free to speak further with your neuropsychologist.


It is important that you inform us at the time of service of any changes to your insurance (including ALL insurance coverage that you have – even if secondary or tertiary) to ensure that we have been able to obtain any authorization that is needed.  If this information is not provided to us, it could result in us rescheduling your appointments until prior authorization can be obtained. 


Please remember that a quote of benefits and an authorization for services to be provided is not a guarantee that your insurance company will pay for the services rendered.  It is ultimately each patient’s responsibility to know their insurance benefits and contact their insurance provider with questions about their coverage.

Please also keep in mind that certain services, such as FAA evaluations, are not considered medically necessary and thus are are not billed through insurance.

Effective May 1st, 2024, patients cancelling appointments with less than 24hrs notice (or no-showing appointments) will be billed a no-show/cancellation fee. The fee will need to paid prior to rescheduling. The fees are as follows: Office Visits - $100, Testing - $250.

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