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FAA Neuropsychological Evaluations - When Experience and Timeliness Matter Most.

How Much Does it Cost?

An important distinction between these evaluations and a general appointment with a neuropsychologist is that these appointments are not covered by insurance. The reason for this is that you are not seeking this evaluation to obtain a medical diagnosis or to receive treatment recommendations as a patient would. Rather, you are seeking this evaluation to satisfy FAA requirements for the purpose of obtaining medical certification. Your assertion is, in fact, that you are not impaired and are a capable of piloting an aircraft. For these reasons, we do not bill insurance and you must pay for the evaluation prior to, or at the time of, the appointment. This is standard practice for these types of evaluations and not unique to our office.

As the type of neuropsychological testing that is required varies significantly, so too does the cost. The approximate cost ranges between $800 to $3,000 depending on the amount of testing required and the complexity of the case. This range is intended only as a guideline, however. More specific information regarding cost will be given after the initial discussion once it is determined what services are needed. It is not, however, our goal to cause your more expense or work than is necessary. When appropriate, I will coordinate with your AME and at times consultants within the FAA to ensure we are completing what testing is required without creating any additional or unnecessary obstacles. 

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