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Prepare for Testing
How Should I Prepare for Testing?

Understanding the importance of testing, many airman wish to know if there is any preparation they can do to improve their performance. The nature of the testing is such that the study of traditional school material would be of little value. Testing is, by design, intended to present novel tasks so there are no recommended study materials. The only caveat to this is that several of the tasks are computer administered. Thus if you find computers to be intimidating you may benefit from completing online computer tasks such as those offered by Luminosity and other computer programs. I suggest this not necessarily to improve your abilities, but more so to become more comfortable with computerized testing in general.

Perhaps the most important way to prepare for testing is to get a good night's rest prior to your appointment. To that end, I encourage those travelling from out of town to spend the night in an area hotel. You don't want fatigue or last minute travel difficulties to negatively impact your performance. There are many good hotels in the Fort Wayne area, but if you would like specific recommendations, you can look here: Hotels to find more information about a couple of options near our office.

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