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FAA Neuropsychological Evaluations - When Experience and Timeliness Matter Most.

Prior to Appt
What is required prior to my appointment?

To start the process, it is helpful to provide Dr. Lutz with a copy of the neuropsychological test list you received from the FAA or your AME. This will allow him to provide you with the most accurate information regarding the evaluation. Although testing is generally based on the diagnosis in question, exceptions do occur so it is always helpful to have this information to review. When you initially contact our office, you'll be asked to provide your name, date of birth, and an email address as well. This is not required and does not obligate you to work with us, but it does allow us to create a record so that we can begin to compile all of your documents and information in one location to ensure accuracy and quick turnaround. Before proceeding further, Dr. Lutz will return your call to gather more information and answer any questions you may have.

If after speaking with Dr. Lutz you elect to proceed with the evaluation, you will be required to have your FAA records sent directly from the FAA to our office. This is a requirement of the FAA and is not unique to our practice. The FAA stipulates that the neuropsychologist must comment in their report what records were received and reviewed as part of the evaluation. The turn around for the FAA can be slow (currently about 6-8 weeks) so it's important to plan ahead. You may have received a form from the FAA with information on how to request your records. If you did not, instructions can be found here: Record ReleaseSince we have no control over how quickly your records will be received and because Dr. Lutz needs time to review these documents prior to your appointment, it is generally preferred that your records be received prior to scheduling an appointment.

In addition to the items described above, some evaluations require supplemental documents such as a driver's history, academic records, letters of recommendation, etc. We will work with you to identify what materials are needed as quickly as possible to avoid delays, though it is not always possible to know all items that will be needed at the start of the process. 

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